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Biolabel B.V. Bolderweg 53 1332 BA ALMERE Netherlands

Biolabel B.V.

Biolabel campaigns for corporate social responsibility. A particular example is organic labels, the labels brand to be sold as (Biological) Compostable under European Regulations 13432.

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R&D extern Van Der Stappen Hermelijnstraat 24 6531 JX Nijmegen Netherlands

R&D extern Van Der Stappen

R&D extern Van Der Stappen is an independent and flexible consultant, especially for producers of smaller quantities. Their focus lies on the consulting services for developing new materials and processing of new material combination.

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Biopearls B.V. Damstraat 28 6671 Zetten Netherlands

Biopearls B.V.

Biopearls, based in the Netherlands, is manufacturing bioplastic granulates based on PLA. Biopearls doesn't want to be only a supplier, but a partner for it's customers. Therefore, they are also offering consulting services for the bioplastic industry.

Products & Services

Biopearls is offering granulates based on polylactid acid (PLA). The products are all 100% biogegradable and certificied. As the focus during R&D was to develop a product for injection molding, it is also the main application area. However, Biopearls can also be used for other thermoplastic applications.

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Teuwen Sustainable Business Moerbeihof 3 2661 LV Bergschenhoek Netherlands

Teuwen Sustainable Business B.V.

TSB is constantly on the look out for durable solutions for company and products.

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Bato Plastics B.V. Munterij 2 4762 AH Zevenbergen Netherlands

Bato Plastics B.V.

We are an international supplier of plastic moulding products. With our modern machinery we are able to operate within 3 divisions: Plastic products for the horticulture, Custom moulding and Packaging. Our division Horticultural Products produces specifically for the modern, professional grower. We design and produce tailor made products for all kinds of purposes within our division Custom Moulding. The development, production and distribution of plastic packaging for the food industry is concentrated within the division Packaging.

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NNZ bv Aarhusweg 1 9723 JJ Groningen Netherlands

NNZ the packaging network

NNZ has been operating as a family business in the packaging sector since 1922. It originally started out as a trading house selling jute bags, however it now applies its expertise to more innovative forms of packaging.

Products & Services

NNZ develops sustainable packaging under the trade name Ökopack®, manufactured from renewable raw materials such as starch from maize, grain or potatoes. Ökopack packaging is CEN 13432 certified.

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Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen Julianaweg 196-202 1131 DL Volendam Netherlands

Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen

Today, Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen is one of Europe's largest producers of polyethylene packaging materials. Beside this, Kivo is offering biodegradable products, which are certified in accordance with the latest standards.

Products & Services

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Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V. Denariusstraat 19 4903 RC Oosterhout Netherlands

Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V.

Whether the production, usage or disposal of products is considered, the environment plays an increasing important role in the current and future world. Rodenburg recognised this and developped a biodegredable solution.

Products & Services

Solanyl® BP is based on a side stream potato starch of the potato processing industry. Production of Solanyl® BP granules is highly efficient. Production of Solanyl® for example requires 65% less energy compared to polyethylene production. The Solanyl® BP granules can be used to combine with natural fibres as well as being blended with other biopolymers. Solanyl® is fully colourable using a biodegredable masterbatch.

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Corbion P.O. Box 3491000 AH AmsterdamThe Netherlands


Green chemicals, made from renewable resources, are our focus. We have built on the possibilities of natural lactic acid and its derivatives and used this to base our leading position in green chemicals. Almost 80 years, Purac has been using white biotechnology for the production of our products and we are therefore one of the most experienced companies in the production of ingredients and chemicals through fermentation of carbohydrates.

Products & Services

PURALACT L- and D-lactides are white solid flakes with a melting point 96-100°C, high stereochemical purity (>98%) and low free acid and water content and very low melt viscosity. They have been produced from non-GMO carbohydrates used for lactic acid production.

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Helian Polymers BVNoorderpoort 45 5916 PJ Venlo Netherlands

Helian Polymers BV

Helian Polymers BV is a young and dynamic company which was founded by Ruud Rouleaux at the end of 2011. In September 2015 the old company Peter Holland BV, that was founded in 1974, was incorporated into Helian Polymers, to combine all masterbatch activity into one company. Helian Polymers BV is a sister company to ColorFabb BV, a world leader in 3D printing filament.

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