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Ire Chemical Ltd. Daechi-4 Dong, Gangnam-Gu 135-840 Seoul South Korea

Ire Chemical Ltd.

Ire chemical limited was founded for the purpose of contributing to the field of advanced synthetic polymers for medical applications and environmentally friendly biodegradable polymers for diverse applications. Established in 1996, ire chemical limited has finished its first-stage of construction work with an annual production capacity of 100 tons of aliphatic polyester in april 1998. Currently, ire chemical is producing and marketing its biodegradable aliphatic polyester under the trade name of enpol. The construction of second-stage commercial plant with an annual production capacity of 3,500 tons was completed in october 2000, and the production was started from march 2001.

Products & Services

EnPol polymers are produced by the polycondensation of gylcols and dicarboxylic acids. Although being 100% begradable, EnPol polymers has the same qualities and comparable properties as Nylon, PE and PET.

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