In comparison to packaging, catering or gardening sectors, the medical sector sets out completely different requirements with regards to products made of renewable and reabsorbing plastics. The highest possible qualitative standards have to be met and guaranteed, resulting in an extremely high costs, which sometimes exceed 1.000 Euro per kilo. The potential applications of biodegradable or reabsorbing bioplastics are manifold. Thermoplastic starch in the form of capsule material, for instance, can substitute conventional gelatin capsules. Chirurgical seam material and absorbable implants such as screws, nails and plates made of polyactides and their copolymers can additionally be used as active ingredient depots. The different compositions of the polymers enable surgeons to utilize specific implants with different life spans to have them ultimately absorbed by the body. This prevents patients from having to undergo operations in which conventional implants have to be removed.

(Sources: FNR, European Bioplastics)

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