Here you can find a choice of our technical equipment for testing bio-plastics.

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Test options

Universal testing machine

TIRAtest 28100

Tensile-/tension and bending tests for standard rods and components.

Tensile-/tension tests from 100N to 100kN

Determination of stiffness (Springs, bearings etc.)

Test velocity: 400mm/min

State-of-the-art interpretation software.

Universal testing machine


Tensile-/tension and bending tests for standard rods and components.State-of-the-art interpretation software.

Tensile-/tension tests from 100N to 5kN

Measurement of hardness

Measurement of hardness

IfR is capable of making testing panels.

Shore A, D

Indentation hardness

Dart drop testing machine


Perforation test: Standard 4,4m/s - 10m/s

Temperature range -30 bis 80°C

Pendulum impact tester


Impact strength

Charpy-Pendel (1-50) J

Melt flow testing machine

Ceast Melt Flow Junior


Change of viskosity

3D-deformation test system

GOM Aramis

Deformation analysis of various geometric forms.

State-of-the-art interpretation software.

Humidity tests

Brabender Aquatrac

Humidity determination of granules

Test range: 0 - 8%



Determination of softening temperature

Density test

Lfit- und Pycnometer procedure

Determination of density of granules and small parts.

Fibreglass content/loss on ignition

Carbolite, Nabertherm

Loss on ignition, ash content, fibreglass content


Thermo Scientific HAAKE P2-FOG

Determination of fogging behaviour of car interior materials.

flamming box

Wazau flamming box

flammability, flame front velocity

CNC-milling machine


Make of testing panels.

Hot and cold chamber

Weiß, Binder

Aging test

Climate chambers

Binder, CTS

Climate change tests

-30°C to 300°C

to 2 m3


Netzsch DSC 204 Phoenix

Cristallisation, Re-Cristallisation, melting temperatures,

Nitrogen- and oxygen scavenging

Glass transition, OIT, connection reactions, enthalpy change


Perkin Elmer TGA 7a

Temperature- and time releated changes of mass

Nitrogen- and oxygen scavening


Haake Rheostress 600

Tests with oscillation and rotation

Temperature range: -20 to 400°C

Torque: 0,1 µNm - 200 mNm

Measuring systems: cone/panel, panel/panel


Haake VST 550

Rotation tests

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