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Sukano AG

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Sukano AG
Chaltenbodenstrasse 23
8834 Schindellegi


Sukano AG

Sukano is an expert in the development and production of functional and optical masterbatches, special compounds and blends for improving the properties of bio and oil based plastics for the plastics manufacturing industry. Sukano is an expert for market applications in rigid films, thin films and coatings, sheets, containers and bottles, filaments and offers a new biopolymer masterbatch and polymer alloy series of products for increasing the performance of PLA. The Company, which holds numerous additive patents and is partner of choice of the leading plastic manufacturers, has production sites in Switzerland, the U.S. and in Malaysia and a global distributor network.

Products & Services

Sukano PLA Masterbatches
PLA (Polylactide) is made from renewable resources. It is CO2 neutral and does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. It is biodegradable and can be composted. All Sukano PLA Masterbatches are based on PLA carrier for the ease of processing.

Functional & optical values
As the polymer extruded into a rigid films or a molded part does not provide all required functional and optical properties Sukano offers a wide range of masterbatches to change the visual appearance and functional value of the produced article.

? Slip/Antiblock
? Mold Release
? Impact Modifiers
? Nucleating Agents
? Antistatic
? UV Masterbatches
? Opitcal Brighteners
? Colors
? White
? Black

? Food Packaging
? Cups and boxes
? Thermoformed trays
? Bottles
? Shrink film for labels

SUKANO® bio-loy
Bioplastics are the plastic industry’s answer to the request for ecologically responsible alternatives to petrochemical-based polymers.
SUKANO® bio-loy biobased polymer alloys are highly attractive solutions for such a demanding task. Contrary from the typical use of biopolymers in one-way packaging applications SUKANO® bio-loy enable the functional utilization of biopolymers in more durable applications.
SUKANO® bio-loy are compounded alloys and blends to meet the requirement of such semi durable products featuring good impact strength and durability.

? Caps & Closures
? E+E housings
? Sporting goods
? Consumer goods
? Cosmetic & personal care
? household, toys, decorative goods

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